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Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)


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at Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong) - 網上聚會

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  • I'm the Country Lead for Wantedly HK. I'm here to bring Wantedly's vision to Hong Kong: creating a world where work drives passion.

    Born in Hong Kong, and grew up in Canada, I'm happy working in both cultures. During my career in Hong Kong in a variety of start-ups in Hong Kong across differen...

  • Hi! Thanks for your reading my resume. Here is my online portfolio: fatelostudio.com . I mainly working with multimedia works such as illustration, graphic design, web/mobile app design, 2D animation, motion graphic and so on. I love creative something on my own with others and try new things. An...

  • Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry.
    Award winner of "A' Design award in 2017" category for Mobile Technologies, received 4 international accolades in the year of 2015, including the Golden Pin and Design Award Asia.
    Strong entrepreneurship profes...

  • This is Daniel Ng from Hong Kong trying to live his life while not losing "bits" of his own.

Why we host

由於發現到最近好多人都有搵工困難,Wantedly就決定總動員幫大家review CV,等大家有多啲interview之餘,仲可以搵到份啱自己嘅工!

p.s. 除咗CV以外嘅問題,例如見工、轉工有嘅煩惱,都可以一次過講埋😇
(我哋仲會定時send啲最update嘅job posts畀大家添!)

What we'll do

只要你register咗呢個meetup,再將份CV upload上自己個profile,咁就會有人review會再畀返feedback你(係咪好簡單呢?)


🔹期間Wantedly仲會定時send新job posts畀大家,等大家搵工都方便啲呀嘛~

利申:Wantedly最近仲喺Facebook開咗個private group,等大家隔空都可以聚埋一齊,交流吓搵工轉工嘅問題之餘,小編都會不時喺上面搞啲活動畀大家玩吓,有興趣就click下面條link join埋佢啦~


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Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)
  • 成立於2010/09
  • 有100個成員
  • Garage Society Sheung Wan 25F, 2-12 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong
  • CV急救小隊—免費幫你執CV😤

    23:59 ~ at Online meetup