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Looking for a programmer to create engaging content architecture and innovative ideas!


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What we do

Edvanced is a one-stop continuous learning platform that connects subsidised CEF courses to learners. At Edvanced, we help you find the CEF/CPD courses you need for upskilling or reskilling yourself while getting you funded so that you can focus on what truly matters, learning.

Why we do

We believe that learning is a lifelong journey and we want to make this journey fun, easy and rewarding for you.

How we do

Edvanced's mission is to bring the world more sustainable for lifelong learners and make learning unstoppable.

As a new team member

Brandnographer seeks to attract high-calibre talent by offering quality development opportunities and a hands-on environment special to start up companies.

With networks throughout the world, Brandnographer is looking for someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit.

As the programmer in Brandnographer, your mission is to create engaging content architecture, innovative ideas and build a strong online presence that will be able to reach Brandnographer’s target audience. As a member of the team, you must have the ability to work autonomously and as part of the team.

Job duties:
* Work closely and independently with the research team on web and mobile design/application optimization
* Have knowledge to support and/or lead front-end and back-end development
* Develop strong creative ideas for digital experiences
* Build and conceptualize designs that facilitate exceptional user experiences
* Contribute to a multitude of projects among the Brandnographer team
* Pitch proposals identifying opportunities for business ventures

As a member of our team, we'll trust you to:
* Work closely with the Brandnographer team among projects
* Have good organisational skills
* Be committed to the job
* Be proactive and come up with innovative approaches to problem solving

* Have strong written and spoken English and Cantonese abilities
* Have at least 1 year of experience
* Excel or have knowledge of programming languages (especially Flutter)
* Have hands on experience with UI development and content creation
* Must have a degree from a Hong Kong university, preferably in Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, and Data Science

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  • Looking for a programmer to create engaging content architecture and innovative ideas!