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Wealth Management Manager
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Road to Management for Young Elites

TKWG Financial Consultancy

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What we do

DL, founded by Derek Lau since 2003, is a united group of young and energetic finance professionals working for AIA International Ltd.

DL is a team providing wealth management in AIA since 2003. Wealth management is to do asset relocation, mutual funds investment, retirement planning, risk hedging management and estate planning, Wealth management has been the fastest growing industry since the last decade.

Why we do

DL's vision is to develop people's talents and potentials throughout providing professional wealth management services to the clients.

How we do

DL consists of approximately 45 members. DL has been the number one team for 5 consecutive years in the category of Unit Manager since 2008 to 2012 in Asia among 17 countries. DL has also won awards for one of the top 5 Senior Unit Managers in 2013 and 2014. We operate a team of highly educated, passionate, energetic and visionary members.

Derek Lau, the founder of DL, has gained numerous awards in the company and also the industry. One of the most outstanding awards was the Distinguished Manager Award by the industry, LUA, in 2010. He was one of the youngest awardees in all previous sessions.

2013-2014 Top Five Regional Top Senior Managers
2011-2014 President Club Award
2010 Distinguished Manager Award, LUA
2008-2012 Champion of Regional Top Managers
2007 First Runner-Up of Regional Top Team Managers

As a new team member

We are looking for high calibre to cope with our team expansion!
DL is a team full of all young professionals. We provide full on-job training for suitable candidates to become managerial level. Suitable candidates requires:
- No previous experience
- No specific educational field
- Strong learning ability
- Resilience to changing environment
Our team is not offering you a job, but a resourceful platform for you to build a career. Be open-minded to explore this valuable opportunity!


Hiring Young Elites to Join DL Team!
TKWG Financial Consultancy
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  • Road to Management for Young Elites
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