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Brand & Marketing Manager
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Build the most iconic social impact brand in Hong Kong with us!

Teach For Hong Kong

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What we do

  • Our Teaching Fellows are directly impacting students at underserved schools in Hong Kong
  • We are nurturing socially-minded, cross-industry leaders to drive systemic change after their one-year teaching experience

All changes begin with young leaders in classrooms.

We nurture ambitious leaders through a one-year leadership program, where they will lead students at underserved schools. After the Fellowship, these young leaders will go into corporates, government, startups, institutions, or remain as visionary teachers, to implement changes from all sectors in society and drive systemic change in education.

Ultimately, we are a growing movement driving systemic change to better education and one of the fastest growing social impact startups in Hong Kong.

Why we do

  • We bring people from all sectors to work together to drive changes in education
  • Our young leaders come from different background, but together form a movement to solve education inequality

Education underpins the prospect of our city. However, the success of our students is still dependent on their socio-economic background.

According to the Census Statistics, there are 281K children living under the poverty line in Hong Kong. Only 1 out of 10 students under the poverty line are admitted to universities.

We believe it takes a village to raise a child. To bridge the education inequality requires all sectors in society to work together. We nurture socially-minded, cross-section leaders through our Fellowship, partner with corporations to go into underserved schools and engage public awareness of education inequality and the need for paradigm shifts in our education.

How we do

  • Students get to explore different paths and talk to mentors who guide their exploration
  • Our Alumni went on to creating changes in their industries for education

We are now in our 6th year with 39 Fellows, teaching full-time in 17 local underserved schools and have served over 10,000 underserved students. We are also funded by the Government’s SIE Fund, The D. H. Chen Foundation and The Jockey Club Charities Trust and are thriving as one of the fastest growing social impact start-up.

Our Alumni has gone into corporates, education industry, professional services, and startups and continue to drive our movement forward, creating changes in education and influencing others to join our growing movement.

As a new team member

Teach For Hong Kong is leading a revolution in social impact. As we strive to be the most iconic social impact brand in Hong Kong, we are looking for someone who can drive our brand building process and tell our story and vision to a variety of stakeholders, including ambitious youths, corporates, press/media, and the general public.

This person will have the opportunity to learn and grow with an ambitious team trying to lead overall recruitment strategy. He/she will play a key role in the brand ambition of creating an engaging and meaningful brand in one of the most impactful sectors available.


#1 Branding Development
- Develop Teach For Hong Kong’s brand positioning, image and voice that reflects the core values and vision of Teach For Hong Kong
- Create and execute innovative strategies, tactics and marketing plans that drive awareness, engagement, application of our Fellowship program among university graduates and young professionals
- Manage formal relationships and collaborate with different stakeholders, including university, media and external partners

#2 Recruitment Marketing
- Build applicant sources by researching and contacting different marketing channels, included but limited to university, recruitment agencies, social media; providing organization information, opportunities, and benefits; making presentations; and maintaining rapport
- Implement marketing plan to achieve the set business goal via effective marketing mix including media, social, event, PR & all relevant channels

#3 Assessment & Matriculation
- Evaluate applicants by designing assessment activities and interviewing applicants on a consistent set of qualifications
- Convert and matriculate qualified applicants through offer making process

We are looking for someone who can think big, break down and execute. He/she also has a growth mindset, is good with relationship management, and willing to seek the best solution through trial and error.

- over 4-year experiences in omnichannel marketing and/or campaign management and/or recruitment
- Understanding of Gen Z wants and needs, and ability to incorporate insights in diverse facets of work
- Purpose and results-driven with an ability to accomplish tasks on deadlines
- Professionalism, organization and project management skills
- Excellent relationship management and interpersonal communication skills
- Adaptability, flexibility and the ability to cope with ambiguity and the ability to work effectively and creatively
- Startup working experience is preferred

- Professional development opportunities in leadership, career development, etc.
- Generous leave policy, including a “flexible working schedule”
- Work in a collaborative, energetic team working towards a grand vision for education
- The opportunity to be build something from scratch, and part of the mission to reimagine education

We will notify you the next step in a few weeks.
Thank you!


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  • Build the most iconic social impact brand in Hong Kong with us!
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