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Operations and marketing officer
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Passionate and energetic Operations and Marketing Officer WANTED

MAST Education

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  • Michael Ho

What we do

MAST Education is an online-tutoring platform that matches AP and IB students with relevant and qualified alumni tutors from their Secondary School. We take pride in providing both a professional and personal tuition experience.

Why we do

At MAST Education, we believe aspirations can give a student the intrinsic motivation to take ownership of their learning. In today's highly competitive and changing world, students are tunnel visioned by the stress of achieving top marks in their academics as a baseline, and many miss the bigger picture. We understand this at MAST, which is why we created an online learning platform to provide an encompassing solution to help the modern student.

How we do

From a pool of 350+ Master Tutors who are dedicated and experienced teachers in subject curriculum, and Tutor-Mentors who are inspirational role models with the highest achievements in AP/IB/IGCSE/A Levels/DSE exam scores, each student is matched with the most relevant help to build rapport. Students are provided with on-demand accessibility to tailored academic tutoring and personalized mentoring to explore options and receive guidance in the college selection process, whenever and wherever. MAST Education adopts a team approach to provide timely response, modern technology, quality assurance, and responsible administration, making the academic journey less stressful for students and parents. After all, learning should be fun right?

Keep Learning,

The team at MAST Education

As a new team member

Job Requirements:
* Undergraduate in Business Administration or Marketing
* Familiar with the current business trends and competitions
* Familiar with the use of various marketing strategies and social media platforms
* Good communication and written abilities
* Passionate and outgoing individuals

Job Responsibilities:
* Work closely with the company Partners to provide business and operational support for day to day tasks and long-term projects.

* Provide support to the company Partners in:
1) Operations
- Lesson Scheduling
- Tutor profile creation
- Organization of client information
2) Marketing
- Market research
- Marketing materials creation and distribution
3) Payments
- Simple bookkeeping and learning the payment system

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Passionate and energetic Operations and Marketing Officer WANTED
MAST Education