Launch of international charity Inspiring Girls HK
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Skilled social media intern with passion to raising the aspirations of young girls

Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide

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  • Ines Gafsi

What we do

Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW) is one of the Asia’s biggest and premier business platform that aims to connect, inspire and empower women for entrepreneurial success, to scale their business locally and globally. The FEW Academy is known for offering female entrepreneurs and professionals with skills, mindset and network for their personal and business development; while the O2O showrooms of FEW serves as market expansion channels for members to promote and sell their products.

Why we do

Launched in 2015, Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW) is an international business platform that aims to broaden female fellow's’ access to resources and support and scale their business locally and globally through offering business networks, masterclasses, sales events and consulting services. FEW currently has operations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore.

How we do

We currently have over 5,000 registered female members and particularly are developing the network in Greater China. From November 2017, we will offer a mobile app where our members can learn business skills and get insider news from industry experts and influencers. The learning topics cover from business, marketing & communications, investment & finance, legal & compliance, technology to lifestyle. Another salient feature is connection. Members will be able to connect and find potential business partners, clients and investors within the FEW networks.

As a new team member

We are launching a wonderful program Inspiring Girls in Hong Kong and are looking for a social media intern aspiring marketing and communications professional to help manage and create content for the charity's different social media.

Job duties include:
- Manages the company’s social media accounts and posts content.
- Brainstorms campaign ideas.
- Monitor various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
- Analyzes analytics to gauge the success of campaigns.
- Engages with role models and influencers.
- Assists in creating performance reports.

About Inspiring Girls:
Inspiring Girls International is an organisation dedicated to raising the aspirations of young girls around the world by connecting them with female role models. We introduce young girls (aged 10-15 yrs) to the full variety of careers and options in life - and inspire them to aim high. Website: https://few.community/inspiring-girls-hong-kong

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  • Skilled social media intern with passion to raising the aspirations of young girls
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