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A detail-oriented Administrative Assistant WANTED!

Silver Spangle Consultants

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What we do

We are one of the leading premier firms that handle debt collection matters, we have garnered a reputation in the legal community for our achievements in debt collection in all over North America & South America. We are considered experts in our field of work, and are one of the leading firms in this area of the law.

Why we do

At Silver Spangle Ltd , our Domestic collections division is industry renowned for recovering commercial debt collection across Europe. Employing the most professional and effective debt collection techniques and strategies, our team is unmatched at successfully recouping outstanding balances.

How we do

We serve as the link between the lender and the borrower and out network of lenders are located all around the world. We protect the interest of both the borrower and the lender, thus making sure everyone becomes happy in the end.

As a new team member


● Sending emails to our Kenya clients every morning till they complete the payment. Note that your emails must not seem like a threat to any of our clients.
● Help companies and individuals get paid by emails and phone conversations
● Collecting debt on our behalf and managing them as instructed
● Track down people who owe money from overdue bills via emails and negotiate payment ( if instructed).
● Arranging travel and accommodation for our staffs and clients when they are at your location.


● Listening: When speaking to a debtor, it is important to listen to why they are in debt. This will help the debt collector determine a solution.
● Negotiation: Working with debtors to start some sort of payment plan, or outright repayment of a debt requires good negotiation skills.
● Speaking: Being a good communicator is useful.
● Persistence: Some debtors do not want to be found, or may not be responsive when called by a debt collector.
● Successful debt collectors do not take no for an answer.

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Silver Spangle Consultants
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  • A detail-oriented Administrative Assistant WANTED!
    Silver Spangle Consultants