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HR Manager
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Dedicated HR Manager Wanted to handle all of our HR matters at our office!

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What we do

提供各類型影視製作及影視內容行銷 (Video Content Marketing) 任選服務,包括:廣告片、宣傳片、企業/機構短片、宴會或活動現場拍攝紀錄、培訓及教育短片等。


Our clients:
Casimira, 3M, Barclays, BOC, Adidas, Standard Chartered, TSL Hong Kong, Mannings, Vinda, Dettol

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PPWPRO

Why we do

隨著影視數碼技術的發展,影視製作成本顯得豐儉由人,加上智能手機、平板電腦等網上影視傳播的普及化,宣傳推廣已進入視頻網絡年代;而宣傳渠道不再局限於入場費高不可攀的電視台,而變得更多元化及更具成本效益。因此,愈來愈多國際品牌、中小企業和機構團體,都樂於聘請拍片王.com,按自身需求製作不同類型的影視短片,作為影視內容行銷 (Video Content Marketing) 的主要工具。

How we do

拍片王.com 的團隊擁有各類型宣傳短片製作及影視內容行銷 (Video Content Marketing) 經驗,多年來為香港及內地各大小公司、政府部門及各類機構團體製作過數以百計的專業影片及用以進行推廣,深受愛戴。

As a new team member

Job Duties :
1) HR Management - Analysing vacancy, handling recruitments, staff selecting, orienting, training, monitoring, coaching, and counseling, maintaining disciplines, motivating, morale formation, organising staff orientation activities, preparing staff evaluation and appraisal
2)Finance - Payroll, basic bookkeeping, preparing annual budget, achieving financial objectives
3) Administrative works and related task

Personality :
• Trainer ability, LEADERSHIP capability, Fast learner & Positive attitude towards corrective feedback
• Ambitious, Can-do attitude, Solution-Result-oriented mind, Proactive, Highly responsible, Intelligent, Flexible, Active listener and Well-organised
• Multitasking, Time-management, Attention to details, Negotiation, and verbal skills
• Work independently and under pressure with the ability to prioritise tasks

Video King
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  • Dedicated HR Manager Wanted to handle all of our HR matters at our office!
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