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Product Promoter PT / 產品科技推廣大使 (兼職)
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對水耕種植有興趣? 我哋請緊產品科技推廣大使啊! 快啲加入我哋啦!

Farmacy HK Limited

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  • Farmacy HK

What we do

Farmacy HK is one of the 1st agriculture-properties technology companies in Asia creating Smart Mobile Farms with full remote-control capabilities for highly urbanised cities and agri-focused places. Founded in 2018, we carry the mission of “Enabling Ecological Farming of Safe and Fresh Produce Right in the Heart of the City” by building decentralised Smart Mobile Farms. We are the proud winner of the AsiaProp Tech (2018) and the grand finalist of the HKU DreamCatchers (2018).

Why we do

With the hands-on guidance from our Scientific and Business Advisory Board, we combine technological expertise with social responsibility. We strive to provide sustainable solution to mitigate global ecological trauma i.e. habitat and nature damage from deforestation and rapid urbanisation. Our pioneering technology helps save 90% more water compared to traditional farming, retain 25%-50% more nutrients than packaged produce and improve food safety with zero pesticides.

How we do

We enable supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and clubhouses, schools and households to farm 100+ safe and affordable crops with our pioneering indoor farming technology - with full automation and modular system that can be tailored to clients’ needs. We have served 20+ Michelin star restaurants, major conglomerates, green grocery chains and secondary schools. With the firm support of these entities, we are working towards becoming the global game changer for the complete food cycle.

As a new team member

Job Duties
• Promote indoor hydroponic farming and its products in retail stores
• Observe and identify customer needs when they are buying products. Promote products and interact with customers
• Pack products under company standards, conduct a series of routine inspections and submit sales reports regularly
• Conduct regular market surveys to assist the team in reviewing and determining prices, marketing strategies, product improvements, etc.

Work requirements:
• Well-organized and skilful in communication and interpersonal skills
• Good command of spoken Cantonese and basic conversation in English with customers
• Good promotion skills to serve customers first
• Experience in sales and customer service is preferred
• Need to receive training after entering the job
• Working on Saturday and Sunday is highly preferred

• 於零售商店推廣室內水耕種植及其產品
• 觀察、互動並了解客戶在選購產品時的想法
• 按照公司標準包裝產品,進行一系列循例檢查,並定時提交銷售報告
• 定期進行市場調查,以協助團隊審查和確定價格、行銷策略,進行產品改良等

• 組織能力良好,溝通能力高,人際交往能力強
• 廣東話為主,並可以用英語簡單與客戶交談
• 具備良好的銷售技巧,以服務客人為先
• 具備銷售和客戶服務方面經驗為佳
• 入職後需接受培訓
• 可在週六和週日工作將獲優先考慮

Farmacy HK Limited
  • Causeway bay/ Sai Kung
  • 對水耕種植有興趣? 我哋請緊產品科技推廣大使啊! 快啲加入我哋啦!
    Farmacy HK Limited