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Supply Chain Assistant Manager
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Rolling in the deep! Join us if you are a Supply Chain specialist

Decathlon HK

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  • Jonathan Yau
    行政/工商管理 (金融/會計,人力資源,其他)

  • Crystal Li
    行政/工商管理 (金融/會計,人力資源,其他)

What we do

Decathlon HK is 70 city sport teams managing autonomously their community offline and online.

In every country where we are present, we share the same strong and unique company culture, reinforced by our two values: Vitality and Responsibility.

Why we do

At Decathlon Hong Kong, we are all delighted sports people who have turned our passion into our job, which is to "make sports accessible for the many in Hong Kong"​.

We believe that Decathlon can improve lives through sports, by making sport more accessible. It's what we want to bring to Hong Kong. Our ambition is to be part of Hong Kong sports communities. We are obsessed by Sport Users satisfaction that is why we decided to put sport at the Core of our Organisation.

How we do

At Decathlon Hong Kong, we are building projects that improve lives through sport. We place innovation and technology at the heart of our activities: from research to retail, including design, production and logistics.

In our quest to make sports accessible to the many in Hong Kong, we aim to engage sportsmen communities with our innovative business model.

Every teammate plays a vital part in making sure we know and anticipate sport’s user needs and new trends to deliver all the advice and equipment to enjoy their sport, no matter what. We are a vibrant team and live by a “work hard, play hard” ethic.

Decathlon, a stage where talents meet. Our employees are happy and proud to be a part of it because of Decathlon' shared value and its ambition towards making sports accessible to the many. Each of our teammate is the opinion leader of their sports, when they come together, Decathlon is not only a retail store but a leader in coaching the Sport Users towards a healthy lifestyle. The harmonious environment allows us to work hard in connecting with our Sport Users. This is how Decathlon is different from traditional retail store. We would like to see more and more Sport Users being friends of Decathlon.

As a new team member

Ensuring Right products at the Right place at the Right moment in the Right quantities with Right Price with the Right team.

Your role:
1. Build 2 year supply policy for your signed sports(tactical)
• Ability to write and share a supply policy for a sport and implement concretely the supply strategies decided with its partners in sport or industry
• Ability to estimate sales quantities for 2 years at the supermodel level, integrate feedback from the industrial domain and validate consistency with the 2-year sport business plan

2.Ensure the profitability of supply chain according to sports’ business plan (operational)
• Ability to enable the realization of supply, offer, commercial strategies in coherence with the availability/stock equation for a sport
• Ability to estimate the economic photo of an offer over a season (sales, forecast quantities, margin) and reference products

3. Forecast sales and purchase quantities to ensure products availablity (executive)
• Ability to estimate/adapt forecast sales quantities on products throughout the season with other purchasing zones
• Ability to set relevant supply parameters and functions to optimize the supply situation
• Ability to tackle the issues and coordinate with stores & logistics to optimize the delivery schedule and logistic lead time
• Ability to analyze city supply figures weekly from supply dashboard, and work closely with store/web merchandiser teammates to find alerts and animate on stock availability
• Ability to animate the supply milestone of my sports, eg inter-season management.
• Ability to collect and prepare surrounding supply information based on commercial planning in my city.
• Ability to find solution to keep agility and feasibility to ensure the availability of the key products of my sports.

What you bring:
• Passion for Fitness
• 2-6 years of relevant experience
• Sense of business
• Collaborative
• Keen to the providing solutions and actions
• Pragmatic analysis, rigorous & organized
• Detail minded
• Good capacity for adaptation
• Critical Thinking
• Good Communication skills

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Rolling in the deep! Join us if you are a Supply Chain specialist
Decathlon HK