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Aspiring PHP/React developers who share the same value WANTED!

Onion Creative

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What we do

We are a product focus digital studio. We have been designing and developing digital products and strategies for clients since 2014.

Why we do

We aim to build team of elite digital experts, focusing on one thing and one thing alone -- to help clients to answer their most critical business challenges.

We specifically designed our process, combining strategy and collaborative design workshops, to help clients to uncover hidden problems and opportunities behind every business challenges, helping the teams to ideate and validate their ideas and bring their digital products to launch confidently.

Brand Definition and Business Goals
Define, prioritize and align teams on a clear vision and plan to achieve your business goals.

User Problems and Market Fit
Uncover the product opportunities and tackle the problems that matters to your users the most through collaborative work sessions to ideate, design, prototype and validate the product concepts.

Build user-centric and sustainable products and technologies that are not only helping your users to solve their problems but also your managing teams as well.

How we do

We work closely with our clients side by side throughout the entire creative and development process to deliver products or features that's timely, value-drive, and always objective-oriented.
Agile Methodology is a light weight project management framework that groups features / deliverables into multiple chunks of small releases. This Agile Approach provides us opportunities to review and embrace changes in between these short releases, and allow us to focus on creating values that's necessary for project success.

As a new team member

We eager to find others who share the same mind and standard to assist us in the following areas on project basis:

Roles and Responsibilities
• Multidiscipline web and mobile app development in ReactJS, React Native and Laravel.
• Work closely with creative team and partners to develop winning products.

• Minimum of 1 year of web development experience.
• Fluent in fundamental front-end web development techniques (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
• Good Knowledge with back-end web development techniques (PHP, Node.JS, Restful API).
• Good understanding with code version control (i.e. GitFlow).
• Exposure with some of the common Javascript development patterns is highly preferred (e.g. React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, Next.js, Gatsby.js, Webpack)
• Good understanding of MVC or SPA development frameworks (e.g. Laravel, Next.js) is required.
• Familiar with Flux/Redux-style architecture is preferred.
• Experience with CI/CD and automated testing is preferred.
• Experience with eCommerce experience (e.g. Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce or Shopify) is preferred.
• Experience with WeChat open platform is highly preferred.
• A problem solver and a strategic thinker.
• Good written and verbal English communication skills.
• Ability to work independently and collaborate in a team environment.

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Onion Creative
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  • Aspiring PHP/React developers who share the same value WANTED!
    Onion Creative