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Deliver positive social impact to participants who need it most! Programmes Coordinator WANTED!

Outward Bound Hong Kong

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What we do


Outward Bound is a non-profit making organisation created to help people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings.

Outward Bound Hong Kong (OBHK) exists to create resilient individuals who can contribute to effective communities and ultimately deliver a stronger Hong Kong. Our highly trained and dedicated staff deliver our Educational Framework to thousands of participants each year, using kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, sailing and camping journeys to facilitate learning about themselves, those around them and their environment.

The participants we serve come from all backgrounds including students, disadvantaged and at-risk groups, ethnic minorities, as well as adults. Course participants learn to make the most of their potential and return to their daily lives with a more positive outlook. OBHK contributes improved mental wellbeing, social inclusion and diversity to Hong Kong society and our courses provide essential workplace soft skills that make participants more employable.

OBHK is part of an international Outward Bound network in 37 different countries and is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education.

Why we do

香港外展是一個註冊慈善及非牟利教育機構,我們旨在透過具挑戰性的户外訓練,讓學員認識自我,發掘潛能,從而推己及人, 關心和幫助社會上其他有需要的人士。


We believe that the untapped potential of each person can be discovered through exposure to real and powerful experiences and challenging practical tasks. Such experiences and tasks are at the core of any Outward Bound journey.

Outward Bound is intended to be catalytic; to encourage change and help each participant achieve self-awareness and an understanding of others. It embraces both personal development and preparation for life in society.

Outward Bound also accepts the inevitability of change, recognising the need to prepare future generations for the challenges to come.

How we do



Outward Bound
- is open to all without regard to race, social class, occupation, gender or nationality
- uses direct dramatic experiences in new and unfamiliar surroundings
- demands adaptability, self-discipline, resourcefulness and perseverance in the face of challenge and uncertainty
- provides personal development through the challenge of the sea and other natural elements
- fastens the ideas and practices of active participation in the setting of a supportive community
- encourages participants to co-operate with others, to give service to and to accept responsibility for others
- stimulates the imagination and a sense of adventure, as well as fastens true appreciation and concern for the environment
- places emphasis on practical work in small groups with adequate time for reflection, discussion and critical appraisal

As a new team member

OBHK’s vision is to create Resilient Individuals who can contribute to Effective Communities and build a Stronger Hong Kong. Our Community Programmes Coordinator helps turn that vision into reality for participants from disadvantaged, at-risk and challenging backgrounds. OBHK is looking for a motivated and values-driven individual who is seeking to positively impact the lives of young people. Working within the Advancement team and liaising with a range of community organizations, the Community Programmes Coordinator will actively source funds, create opportunities for our community partners and liaise closely with the Operations team to ensure successful and effective course delivery. The Community Programmes Coordinator is a key role enabling OBHK to deliver our positive social impact to participants who need it most.

Key Responsibilities:
- As a member of the Advancement Team and an essential link among different OBHK departments, provide oversight and support for all Community Courses.
- Liaise with, coordinate, and assist sales, staff and operations regarding Community Courses.
- With Advancement Team, identify possible sources of funding, draft grants and other funding applications, and maintain good relationships with funders.
- Track funding, administer and report results of Outward Bound Outcomes Instrument (OBOS), prepare and submit required progress reports for donors, and maintain donor database.
- Maintain relationships with existing partner organisations to continue to serve their needs.
- Seek out and foster relationships with new community partners and develop OBHK’s community-based programming.
- Prepare and brief all Community Course staff so that they can deliver the highest quality courses.
- Liaise with Deputy Head of Operations and Medical Screener(s) to ensure courses are
appropriately scheduled and screened.
- Evaluate all Community Courses for effectiveness, relevance to the client, alignment with donor
intent, and suggestions for improvement in future delivery.

- Self-motivated, solution-focused with willingness to take initiative and ability to work
- A team player who can build positive relationships both internally and externally.
- Excellent communication skills (English and Chinese) for effective presentation of OBHK course benefits in written proposals, face-to-face meetings, reports and post-course follow-up.
- Relevant education and experience in social work or non-profit organizations.
- An interest in and understanding of outdoor experiential education and the opportunities it can provide. Outdoor skills and experience preferred but not required.
- A sense of humour and a positive outlook.
- Immediate availability is preferred.

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Outward Bound Hong Kong
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  • Deliver positive social impact to participants who need it most! Programmes Coordinator WANTED!
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