Office Manager/Assistant
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We are expanding to Hong Kong ! Join our team and be our shoulder to lean on!


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  • Daniella Lever

What we do

Adcore is a rapidly growing Deloitte Fast 50 ad-tech company that was founded in Israel over 15 years ago and has recently opened an office in Hong Kong. We offer 360-degree digital marketing solutions helping both small and large clients worldwide optimise their Online Marketing campaigns using our proprietary technology. Alongside the technological developments, Adcore established the Elite service operating as an international advertising agency, holding marketing specialists, analysts and strategists.

Why we do

Begins back in 2006 when Adcore was a cosy little digital agency. The first turning point came when Omri Brill, the CEO and founder of Adcore, together with Albert Bentov, the CTO developed the initial AI algorithms, designed to automate simple tasks for campaign manager’s and their day to day work.
The need arose from within the company and the technological solutions were based on the genuine necessity of professional marketers.

Our Mission : Developing solutions, in order to achieve a state of effortless advertising. We won’t stop until our mission is accomplished.

How we do

Effortless Advertising
Effortless – seamlessly automated processes.
Advertising – the intrinsic context of the industry we operate in.
In these two simple words we define Adcore’s vision and the change we want to bring to the world.

1. We focus on our customers and the rest will follow
There is a reason why we chose this value to be the first and the leading one in Adcore’s core values list. At times, companies tend to lose their focus from the main reason we all gathered here. Sometimes companies believe that pleasing the investors or putting all the efforts in worker’s wellness is the most important thing. We believe that the essence of our activity is tuned to our existing and future customers. When we create a real value for our clients by providing them the best products and services, all the other good things just follow.

2. Where others see colleagues, we see friends
Whether it is our co-workers, clients, investors, or affiliates we put a major focus on the person’s personality. Qualities like professionalism, experience, and resume crucial for cooperation nevertheless, in order to maintain long, fruitful relationships – character comes first and foremost!

3. We can do serious things wearing flip flops
Although wearing a suit can define you as a big important fish, it does not necessarily an indicator of professionalism. So, with that thought in mind, in Adcore we believe that you can wear flip flops, and still be serious!

As a new team member

Job Description
• Manage the account receivable operations to ensure timely, accurate and quality work output
• Administration and secretarial support to the Hong Kong team and HQ
• Personal assistance to the GM
• Work closely with our global Finance team for payments
• Other ad hoc duties

• Proven office management, administrative or assistant experience
• Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
• Knowledge of accounting, data and administrative management practices and procedures
• Efficient, detailed-oriented, and well-organized, ability to work independently
• Good written and spoken communication skills, excellent command of English and Mandarin is preferred
• Proficient in Word, Excel, Google Sheets

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We are expanding to Hong Kong ! Join our team and be our shoulder to lean on!