Operation Specialist/ Operation Assistant
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Work with us to develop the perfect recycling system

The Loops Hong Kong

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  • Founder

What we do

The Loops is a Hong Kong based one-stop recycling service provider, offering a smoothest and easiest recycling path for both household and office. The Loops will collect all recyclable material at the doorstep, categorizing the recyclable, and deliver to different shops to reuse/ recycling factories to recycle in Hong Kong.

Why we do

The Loops aim at create a perfect recycle loop between our client and the recycle plant, we provide a hassle free recycling experience to our client with our professional knowledge of recycling.

How we do

Close the recycling loop, promote the value of sustainability, rebuild a better place for living.

As a new team member

Purpose of the Role

* Develop initiatives and strategies to support the startup development of The Loops Hong Kong
* Conduct research, develop and implement policies for each workstream to smoothen the daily operation
* Partner with third parties develop different recycle scheme
* Become a subject matter expert across sustainability and waste management matters
* 制定運作措施和策略配合The Loops Hong Kong 初創業務及發展
* 針對每個工作流程進行研究、制定和實施政策,使日常運作更加順暢
* 與第三方合作夥伴制定不同的回收方案
* 成為可持續發展和廢物管理事務的專家

The Job

* 4 Working Days a week
* Maintain daily operation (schedule duty roster)
* Work with different corporate client, prepare proposal and presentation
* Manage Social Media and customer service
*  Design post visual 
* 每週四天工作
* 負責處理協調公司日常營運
* 負責與不同公司合作,撰寫計劃書
* 需管理社交平台及客戶服務
* 需創作及製作帖文圖像

The Loops Hong Kong
  • Flat 1202, 12A , Block A, Victorious Factory Building, San Po Kong
  • Work with us to develop the perfect recycling system
    The Loops Hong Kong