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就係揾緊熱愛搞event又energetic 又well-organised嘅你!

Seven Good Look

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  • Angela
    行政/工商管理 (金融/會計,人力資源,其他)

  • Alice Leung

  • Law Kin Sun

  • Yeung Tsz Hin
    行政/工商管理 (金融/會計,人力資源,其他)

What we do

Overwhelming Workload Company Limited-
● Mamaday Studio
● Mamaday Cafe CWB
● OMG Mamaday Cafe
● Vie-Won-Won
● Hungry Dino HK
● No Money So Lonely

Why we do

We want to make life interesting and add a hint of spark in it.

How we do

We have 6 core members in this company, with diverse backgrounds. Matiny and Tim focus on F&B, Gary Chan and Soie Ip focus on Entertainment, Popo focus on Finance, and Raymond do all the construction work. Somehow we got together and things started running! So far, there are projects on F&b, markets, and Haunted house.

We have no idea what is next but we can guarantee you will have fun!

As a new team member

- Collaborate with various departments to implement project management practice across all projects
- Provide quality assurance on project documents and presentable concept development, proposal
- To handle pre-event preparation, logistics coordination, venue set-up/dismantling and on-site event supervision
- To liaise with sub-contractors, vendors, production team and design team for providing services with high quality and professional standard

- At least 1-2 years’ relevant working experience, preferably in event management
- Enthusiastic in executing a wide variety of events and promotions
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in both written and spoken English & Chinese
- Good organizational skills and attention to detail, ability to work under pressure
- Has a flexible, target-driven, proactive approach and attitude
- Willingness to work additional hours and work on weekends as needed

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Seven Good Look
  • 成立於2021/08
  • 就係揾緊熱愛搞event又energetic 又well-organised嘅你!
    Seven Good Look