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只要你對教育有興趣, 又想邊做邊學STEM 嘅Training Associate, 就加入我地啦 🦾

Caprikon Education

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  • I believe education is about exposure, the more we know and try, the earlier we know what is worth spending time on!

    I'm currently working as a coding-based STEM Curriculum developer and Trainer for k-12 students, covering topics including basic Python programming, Artificial Intelligence, Fin...

  • Dylan is the co-founder of Caprikon Education, an education technology company with operations across Asia Pacific Region, and headquartered in Hong Kong. Dylan has a strong background in technology, education, and innovation. He is a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur at heart.
    He has exten...

What we do

Caprikon Education is a technology education provider in Hong Kong. We offer total solutions for families and schools to equip and prepare students for the future workforce.

Why we do

We develop and provide innovative school packages that promote tech learning within the school environment. Our offerings enable students to explore a range of interests and develop life-long skills. Students will see and experience technology in a new light and be inspired to learn.

How we do

Explore - Students will have the opportunity to explore technology education in an engaging way, each of our courses has a recommended entry point based on our wealth of experience with schools and students with varying abilities.

Experience - Students will be delighted by the many wonderful applications of technology, which they will experience first hand. Teachers will be surprised by just how easy it is to teach emerging technology with our programmes.

Excel - Students will build expertise in a technology competency. They will have opportunities to engross themselves further and test their abilities in local, regional, and global arenas.

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As a new team member

唔洗一定係讀STEM先可以做STEM架,你睇下我地Founder呀 (下面有Link)。 最緊要係肯學同埋唔識就問就得架啦。想係一條young team做野?想加入一個rapidly expanding嘅team? 加入我哋去一齊啟發下一代啦!

● 了解我們的產品 (Code Combat, Machine Learning for Kids)並向客戶提供產品的培訓材料
● 規劃和提供STEM課程的培訓
● 開發 STEM 相關課程/課程
● 改善培訓流程並優化學習體驗
● 客戶管理

● 大專或以上學歷
● 良好中英文書寫及溝通
● 具備分析和批判性思維
● 能夠處理多項任務以及能獨立工作
● 熱衷於學習新事物,尤其是Coding和 STEM
● Bonus: 有補開習同做過PT會加分

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  • 只要你對教育有興趣, 又想邊做邊學STEM 嘅Training Associate, 就加入我地啦 🦾
    Caprikon Education