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Growth Marketer - Hustler Mindset


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  • CEO & Co-Founder of Binery

What we do

Binery is a tech-enabled accounting service for growing businesses in Asia. We service our target customers providing a more affordable & hassle free experience, ultimately enabling business owners to focus on the core aspects of their business. Accounting is notoriously confusing and laborious for a founder without a financial background, yet the current alternatives currently used by small businesses incurs high internal cost and lacks user friendliness. There is a better solution for business owners to be adopted.

Why we do

We want to influence the future of work, especially supporting non-core office functions, with accounting being the first. Why? Because as business owners, we didn't start our businesses to focus on accounting, legal, insurance or office rental matters. Yet, so much time is spent on back-office functions!

How we do

Everyone in Binery has to resonate with the following values:

1. Energy (Exuding positive energy is contagious)
2. Curious (Never stop asking questions)
3. Impactful (Believe our mission is impactful)

Come on in and join us! This is the perfect opportunity to join Binery as we scale and grow. We are looking to build a solid team of driven individuals who are self-starters, action-takers and start-uppers to identify opportunities for growth and efficiently driver user acquisition at scale.

As a new team member

What you'll do:

- Define digital marketing for Binery in the short to medium term.
- Managing content distribution in terms of blogs, video snippets.
- Planning growth marketing experiments with a bias for action mindset.
- Setting up the right systems and processes for producing graphics and content.

What you will learn:

- How a venture-backed SaaS startup operates cross functional departments.
- Data driven outbound and inbound marketing strategies that can be applied to grow any SaaS businesses
- How to work with A-Players from multicultural backgrounds

You're a fit for this role, if you are:

- Digital marketing savvy mindset
- Growth hacking mindset
- Active on Twitter involving Startup/Marketing discussion
- Meticulous, fastidious and conscientious
-Would like to take a leap of faith with a startup for its high risk high reward environment
-High interest in Tech Softwares and/or SaaS
-Be able to absorb tech knowledge at a fast pace and explain to customers
-Fluent in English and Cantonese
-Passion in Tech Startup
-A motivated, and a fast learner with strong analytical skills
-Display a strong track record of being a goal achiever and result-oriented team player
-Curious and creative in testing out new things
-Ability to work across departments to achieve greater goals
-Have a positive outlook and a strong ability to take responsibility for their successes and failures

  • Binery Office, 7/F, K-11 Musea
  • Growth Marketer - Hustler Mindset