Programme management and instructor
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Bring Nordic classroom experience to HK! Join our energetic startup team !


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  • Vienna Ng

What we do

In the era of transparent Information and network, we believe the competitive edge of any business is not found on your own, but crystalized through collaboration.

InNordics is a collaborative platform to realize cross-cultural intelligence & cross-sector cooperation between the Nordics and Asia. We connect the competitive and collaborative cultures as a novel way to generate innovative chemistry. We shed light on Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Design, and Education via providing bespoke themed delegations, introducing innovative Nordic educational programs, products and services to any local students, entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions.

Why we do

Nowadays we are more aware of the "Nordic world" such as their world-class innovation, design, architecture and education etc. Bettering students' diverse and eye-opening learning experience, InNordics regularly brings in different interesting and meaningful Nordic programs to the learning community of Hong Kong.

Our founder's, Alan Ng, 4-year life-changing study experience in Finland with active participation in the startup community has pathed his career in entrepreneurship and education. He is determined to connect the Nordics and Asia to make an impact on cross-cultural collaboration and intelligence

How we do

The competitive mindset is strongly deep-rooted in Asian’s living and business cultures which requires them to always strive for the ultimate uniqueness to compete with the others alone, this has been shown through the rapid rising of different Innovative technologies & startup unicorns. Having said that, the untapped potential for Asian businesses, especially startups, lies in connecting to resourceful international business networks to gain international technical knowledge and market insights.

While Nordic region is globally recognized for its Advance innovative technology, Mature economic & startup ecosystem, Creative & Pragmatic design, and Futuristic education systems. These are highly attributed to their years of collaborating-for-solution behavior which has been cultivated into the people, culture, and businesses from their early education and social influence. Via connecting the Asian products/ services to the Nordic business elements, the synergy that expands the mind will fuel mutual innovation and creation in new products, workflow and business means.

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As a new team member

We are looking for a Program Management and Instructor to join our energetic startup team, full of passion in the Nordics culture. We want this associate with passion in education to plan, instruct and manage our existing program operations and lessons so as to help accelerate the program launch to the market. You will work directly with the co-founders and your ideas will be heard. This will also be an opportunity for the intructor to experience the lean and agile startup culture.

Job responsibilities
-Being the main instructor in existing education program assigned;
-Instructs and collaborates with Program Management Assistant to update the related documents not limited to new enrolment, attendance, schedule, etc.;
-Assists on designing and developing lesson plan in innovative ways;
-Prepares and manages program’s learning and teaching materials and ensure they are sufficient for each lesson;
-Sends lesson photo to parent in addition to provide lesson progress and observation for each student;
-Communicates and supports existing customers regularly such as change of class, enrolment and any program-related inquiries;
-Works with marketing team to recruit new students;
-Helps on general operations of the centre during on duty period eg., invoicing, printing, dealing with general inquiries;
-Helps on company events like Open Day, Book Fair, etc.

-Degree holder in any disciplines;
-Experience in designing and developing education program is preferred
-Experience in Mac office, google tools
-Knowledge about different pedagogies is preferred
-Experience in handling customer enquiries is preferred
-Strong written and oral communication skills in English, Cantonese and Mandarin
-Excellent time management skills, organizational skills and the ability to work independently
-Strong passion in early childhood, primary education and STEAM education

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  • Bring Nordic classroom experience to HK! Join our energetic startup team !