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Fashion Lover係你機會啦!

Walter Ma & Co. Limited

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What we do

Walter Ma opened his first boutique –“Vee” after his graduation from the Hong Kong Institute of Design in 1975. As a Hong Kong fashion designer, he was the pioneer in establishing his own label in Hong Kong. Fashion to Mr. Ma, has to be comfortably wearable, but a designer also has to find a breakthrough within a limited space so as to present the character and extraordinary elements from simplicity.

Why we do

Supply fashionable clothes to artists and the general public.

How we do

Support local artists to pursue their dream.

As a new team member

- 對fashion有興趣
- 對潮流有一定觸角(識配搭)
- 熱愛溝通
- 整齊

Walter Ma & Co. Limited
  • 10/F MW Tower, 111 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
  • Fashion Lover係你機會啦!
    Walter Ma & Co. Limited