Look for a wellness business development manager
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Business Development Manager Needed to Grow Our Health and Wellness Services Portfolio!

MixCare Health

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  • Alex Wong

  • Jason Ang Herrera
    Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

  • Alex Wong

What we do

We’re one-stop healthcare solution to keep both your physical and mental wellbeing in check. We offer affordable and accessible outpatient service to the underserved population such as SME employees, freelancers and their family members.

Why we do

It all started when we identified the frustration with our local healthcare services, it is not cost-efficient and not personalized. Also the fact that SME employees, young freelancers and their family members are barely covered at all.With MixCare Health, you pay only what you need at a discounted and transparent fee directly to our selective healthcare professionals, as opposed to paying a huge upfront premium for medical insurance without fully utilizing it.

Our medical service includes GP, SP, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractor and Physiotherapy. Fit for SME employees, freelancers and their family members.

Preventive care is also another big focus of MixCare Health. In addition to medical services, we take an extra step to cover your wellbeing with services such as mental care, fitness and dietary consultations, and caregiving services.Our product puts power back in the hands of people, not systems, so that everyone can access quality care at affordable prices.

How we do

The team is made up members with a multi-cultural background as well as a health-conscious mindset. Empathy is also one of the greatest qualities within the team and we are proud to these certain values. We offer a lot of opportunities for talents like you to add on to your skills and develop your career path within this fast paced environment!

As a new team member

What we are looking for
-Merchants acquisition - Analyse the market trend and acquire merchants that fit us
-Provide pre-sales and post-sales client management
-Assist and coordinate marketing campaign for our merchants with internal marketing team
-Prepare sales reports, including sales planning and arising new business opportunities
-Develop new relationships in an effort to grow business and help company expand
-Maintain existing business
-Think critically when planning to assure project success

What you bring to the table
-Entrepreneurial mindset - focus on how to grow the team even the whole business
-Excellent Interpersonal skills and enjoy to build rapport with merchants
-Proven knowledge and execution of successful development strategies
-Focused and goal-oriented

What we can offer
-Ambitious and self-driven culture
-Flexible working hours once training complete and ready to operate on your own
-Generous leave entitlements
-Free drinks and snacks
-Personal and professional development focus and room for creative ideas
-Fun place to work where everyone is valued
-The position is based in Hong Kong, in a Co-working office environment

Full Time Applicants are also welcomed!

MixCare Health
  • A brand new coworking space in Lai Chi Kok
  • Business Development Manager Needed to Grow Our Health and Wellness Services Portfolio!
    MixCare Health