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  • CEO of Storius, HKU lecturer on Innovation

What we do

Storius係一個好方便、多語言嘅深度文化遊導賞app,全程無須接觸人。文化專家夥伴可以免費上載兼備地理標籤嘅語音解說內容於我哋嘅平台,以一次人工成本為大量用戶提供高質素嘅深度文化遊。因此對比實體導賞服務,我哋將文化專家提供內容建設既邊際成本減為0,而且可以讓部分用戶付費,帶來收入。簡單來講, Storius係為用戶提供方便嘅深度遊,同時為文化專家提供自動盈利的語音導賞App。

Why we do

We turn mobile phones into geo-located tour guides! COVID stops 75% of physical tours in Hong Kong, in-depth cultural tourism partners look for a touchless digital solution to reach more visitors. With the app, we enable in-depth exploration.

How we do

An app allows cultural experts to upload verbal content with geotags that visitors can listen to and pay for at the physical destination. No physical contacts, multi-languages choices, free audio with premium paid content.

Each cofounder has been doing cultural work for 10 years. Previously, we built a company together. We realized the best way to nurture cultural knowledge is through physical visits with in-depth explanations. The thing we enjoyed the most was traveling. Combining passion and professions with innovation is a 'why not' to us. We have a background working at Google, graduated from Oxford CS master and serving United Nations Development Program across the Asia Pacific. And we got Cyberport Incubation Fund to support our development!

As a new team member

User Research:
Researching and understanding potential app users and business partners
Identifying growth opportunities to serve users and partners aligning with company’s goals
Designing and setting up experiments to test whether designed interventions will impact the business
Assist in using data, analytics, and other tools to inform decisions and growth strategies

Growth Hack assistance:
Collaborate with channel-specific marketing teammates (blogging, email, social media, etc.) to identify areas for growth
Test and optimize marketing tactics for customer acquisition (e.g. online advertising, direct mail, out of home, affiliate) and conversion rate optimization
Propose creative new projects, from building free tools that attract prospects and convert leads to testing new approaches to capturing existing demand
Translate ideas to actionable items that deliver business results
Keep abreast with the latest trends and changes in UI/UX and digital marketing

Skill Requirements
Any bachelor's degree, for marketing, strategy, business management, or similar would be a plus
Passionate in User Growth field, previous working experience under a Marketing Growth Hacker a big plus
Strong sense of marketing, particularly to young generations of Hong Kong app users
Some knowledge of SEO factors, preferably some experience with web analytics and A/B testing tools
Some knowledge of various growth-hacking tools, such as automation and campaign monitoring platforms
expertise in UI/UX best practices a big plus
Skilled at web optimization, sales generation, conversion analysis, and creating sales funnels

Personalities fitting in Storius
Strong empathy in understanding people and how tech can help
Curious, innovative, and confident in your abilities to drive change.
Think win-win with high standards of excellence and attention to detail
An adaptable, iterative thinker who is constantly learning
Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills, creative, and results-driven mindset

Work in tech startup office at Cyberport
Learn with world-class talents & advisors with a very fast pace of growing
Professional mentor to guide you through
Align with similar-minded talents with no bullshit company politics
Create possibilities by your effort and innovativeness
Stock option after a year of the contract
Treat it like an all-rounded & accelerated management trainee program

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