E – commerce Operation Executive (online shop)
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E – commerce Operation Executive - online shop

Collab Studio Company Limited

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  • James Wong

What we do

Collab Studio is a business consultation practice specializing in e-commerce. We help SME to attain substantial business growth online.

Why we do

Collab Studio Company Limited is a Hong Kong based e-commerce startup company. We aspire to create excellent online shopping experiences to customers from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

How we do

Our work focuses on values. We strive for excellence at every detail. We are looking for new teammates who is dedicated to deliver good results and love to see things get done in a beautiful way.

We are a small team of energetic people, who always proactively create new things, discussing new business ideas, and learn new skills. We believe that life is a continuous process of creation. And especially when you are working in dynamic business sectors like e-commerce, make sure you are a fast learner and love to take up challenges.

We do not like hierarchy. And we know that everyone has their own talent. Therefore, in our company, everyone works together regardless of job title. Junior teammates are welcome to join business strategies development meeting and they are also welcomed to take up new challenges such as leading a new business project. If you are a fully responsible person and is eager to grow quickly, our team won’t let you down.

Our team is an extremely tight-knit group, we care able each other as well as the business itself. We love our ownership and sense of belonging in this team. We always work together to help the company to translate its positive work culture into positive end results.

As a new team member

Job description:

We are seeking an e-commerce operation executive. You will be working closely with other team members to manage the operation of multiple online shops. Examples are creating social media posts and video advertising for certain products. You will be responsible for anything related to the online retail business.

Candidate who do not have experiences in online shops are also welcome in this position. Opportunities will be provided to reach the full spectrum of e-commerce related aspects. On the job training will be provided to specialize your skill sets such as brandling, editing technique, online selling on social media …etc.

For senior position applicants who have more than 2 years of experiences with online shops, shall lead development of marketing materials with projects on new online shops/ new geo-market/ new product development.

Major duties:

Product sourcing

Product procurement

Graphic design

Video concept generation

Product photo taking

Advertising video taking

Editing and after effect


Warehouse management

Customer service

Personal attributes:

We have a very high expectation on building a strong business team. Therefore, here are a few personalities that we expect our team members possess:

Fully Responsible

Our company emphasizes on being responsible and get things done without excuses.

Quick Learner

you can know nothing about e-commerce, but we expect you to learn quick and provide good results.

Quality Over Quantity

Our team focuses on outcomes and results, rather than just on the amount of work being done. Individual contribution on quality work are expected.


We cherish our team and we want to make sure having a good and happy working day.


Bachelor’s Degree Holder or Associate Degree Holder. Final year students are also welcome in applying this position.

Proficient in Chinese and English

Proficient in MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint

Ability to use Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro

2 year working experience in any sector would be an advantage

Experience in online shop management would be an advantage

Experience in media editing would be an advantage

Experience in e-commerce would be an advantage


E – commerce Operation Executive - online shop
Collab Studio Company Limited