Management Trainee (Overseas Expansion)
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Seeking a Management Trainee to be a key part of our overseas expansion!

Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited

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  • Berry Lai
    行政/工商管理 (金融/會計,人力資源,其他)

What we do

We are a recognized Fintech Unicorn & Asia’s top-ranked online broker, providing a one-stop online investing services & experience.
Registered by Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (CE No. AZT137), Futu redefines online brokerage services in Hong Kong & Mainland China with our leading internet & financial technology, we continue to improve customer experience and drive industrial innovation backed by our independent technological Research & Development capabilities on the whole trading process and our creative internet operating model.

Why we do

We are committed to optimizing today's securities services, by incorporating cutting-edge internet technology and design to provide investors an easy one-stop investing experience.

How we do

Our Core Values
- Integrity: Lead by example. Treat and handle problems fairly and objectively.
- Efficiency: Act as an efficient and trustworthy partner to offer more reliable products.
- Excellence: Anticipate and rapidly respond to customer needs.
- Perfection: Provide perfect services to customers. Always pay attention to details.

As a new team member

【Job Description】
- Assist the founder with handling the operation of the company as well as the management tasks of multifarious business departments. Ensure that the delivery, tracking, and feedback of various work tasks and messages are delivered in time and effectively.
- Assist the founder with overseas business exchange and communications, and be responsible for monitoring the execution and implementation of projects, ensuring their smooth completion.
- Be responsible for managing the founder's daily schedule and arranging various internal and external meetings, events, receptions, and itineraries for business trips.
- Complete other tasks assigned by executive officers.
- Based in Shenzhen.

【Job Requirements】
- Bachelor’s degree or above obtained in the U.S., majoring in Finance, Economics and Business Administration. Candidate with 1-2 years of working experience.
- Native English speaker. Be capable of interpreting and translating documents between Chinese and English without obstacles. Candidates who have lived and worked in the U.S. would be granted precedence upon consideration.
- Be familiar with business etiquettes and show outstanding communication, project management, socializing, and execution abilities.
- Possess a strong will to learn, a self-driving force, and a comprehensive foundation of knowledge. Be able to quickly grasp multifarious knowledge with regard to business.
- Excel in emotion and stress management. Be able to work under pressure.

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Seeking a Management Trainee to be a key part of our overseas expansion!
Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited