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Build software that can disrupt the market - Training included - Have fun, and grow with us!

Ntuple Global Limited

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  • Project Director of SyncTree

What we do

Ntuple is a SaaS company, offering middleware and backend solutions that enable digital platforms and systems to perform seamless and painless integrations.

Our main product, SyncTree, is a cloud-based no-code API solution with a simple drag and drop interface, where coding is replaced by modular function blocks. By combining these blocks, you can easily create business logic, build scalable microservices, as well as create, publish, manage, test and deploy your APIs.

SyncTree does not require any development language or environment configuration. You can use SyncTree like any other SaaS software, just by accessing our website and creating an account.

Why we do

Our goal is to help companies reduce the time and money spent on backends and help them focus on creating business and value. Furthermore, our mission is to provide easy and affordable cutting-edge technology so that everyone who wants to realize their ideas online doesn't have to worry about the backend.

How we do

We work with prominent corporations in a wide range of industry industries including fintech, e-commerce, travel; and we are launching our new office in Hong Kong. With a number of software development projects lined up in our pipeline, we are looking for software engineers to help us execute and support our expansion in APAC.

As a new team member


Research & develop new products and solutions for financial services and companies in ecommerce, logistics, and medical/healthcare industries
Backend API development using modular visual programming
Architect and design system blueprints

Software engineering or other relevant degrees
Working understanding or experience working with APIs and data/system integration projects
Working understanding or experience in cloud-based platforms/systems and micro-services infrastructure
Working understanding or experience in programming languages and conventions such as JSON, Python, Java, PHP, XML

Front-end development understanding or experience is a plus
Experience in building overall systems for web services is a strong plus
Those with a good mix of business acumen and technical ability who is open-minded, communicative and can adapt quickly to a new programming language and environment to the front of the line

Ntuple Global Limited
  • Unit 317, 16 Science and Technology W Ave, Science Park, Hong Kong
  • Build software that can disrupt the market - Training included - Have fun, and grow with us!
    Ntuple Global Limited