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Web Developer
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WANTED! Dynamic Web Developer Passionate About Startups & Tech Industries


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  • Brian Chan

What we do

Oddup is a data driven research platform that gives you analytical information on startups. We give ratings and a curated view on the potential success of a startup.

We have a unique proposition as we fill the gap for rating startups and whether you are an individual or a professional investor looking at investing in a startup, we are an essential resource providing you with analysis so that you can pinpoint potential high return start-up investments.

From a start-up’s product, growth and investors, to its expected future outcome and valuation, we evaluate the potential risks of startups. With a success rate of 99.3% of companies rated on Oddup, we are the world’s leading start-up rating system.

Why we do

An investor’s relentless pursuit in finding a startup that returns high multiples has led to lengthy and complex Excel spreadsheets. While Excel based due diligence methods can help angel investors assess the “investability” of a startup, it is still a long and tedious process which can take in excess of 3 months. On the flip side, angels may follow the herd and invest where the most prominent investors are putting their money.

This is why we developed our algorithm and rating system that provides analysis regarding the market potential of new startups success. The Series A crunch is real. There are an enormous number of companies being created each year. Ultimately, many of them are competing for the same Series A money.

Our customer list which includes investors, media companies, investment banks and high net worth individuals, their startup ratings, current and expected future valuations of ventures, trends and research that have made them Series A ready.

How we do

You’ll love working with us because we are passionate about building a great product. We love startups and we research and write about them. We started with simplicity and transparency in mind and today, over 50,000 users read our reports to make investment decisions or simply find out more about a particular startup.

We have a flat structure where each team member is valued for their specific expertise. We work hard and encourage ownership and pro-activeness.

Our business is headquartered in the fintech hub of Hong Kong. We have an “on-the-ground” network of analysts in each city we cover: Singapore, Taipei, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Melbourne and Sydney.

As a new team member

At Oddup, we’re excited about to deliver research that is truly helpful for users and we care about the end result. We believe working at the highest caliber, producing the highest quality in the most efficient way. You’ll love working with us because we are passionate about building a great product. We are seeking team players who derive joy from learning every day and challenging each other to bring out the best in their work.

Who we are looking for
We're looking for an experienced full stack web engineer with at least 5 years of proven experience in building and implementing software solutions.

We're seeking a dynamic person with a passion for tech industries and who is excited about the fast pace and opportunities in a start-up environment. We're growing rapidly, and need someone skilled and flexible enough to work with a global team.

Exceptional front and back-end engineering skills are expected, but a good personal fit is incredibly important for us. We're looking for someone who can help shape feature requirements, who's collaborative and honest and able to produce best product results.

Key Technical Responsibilities
- Design, write and deliver software to improve the performance, scalability, and efficiency of Oddup products
- Review architecture, software and technology used in our current products
- Build new features for Oddup products
- Integrate new technologies and techniques into our existing systems
- Performance optimization and code refactor
- Improve technical standards and processes
- Optimize data layout in database environments

Desired Skills
- You must be responsive, flexible and able to succeed
- You are able to work independently with business owners to understand requirements, and deliver high quality software
- Have working expertise in project/product management
- Experienced in working in an agile team with software engineering practices is preferred
- Reporting to management on development timelines and progress
- Possess strong time management skills, enabling effective prioritization of competing tasks.

- Possess excellent communication, sharp analytical abilities with proven design skills, able to think critically of the current system in terms of growth and stability

- We’re seeking a B.S. in Computer Science or an equivalent education or experience
- Leadership and management experience
- Significant (5+ years) experience developing web apps
- Knowledge and experience in NodeJS, MongoDB and ReactJS
- UX experience
- Strength and experience with the following technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and Docker,
- Experience with AWS (S3, SQS, IAM, AMI) or another cloud provider
- Test Driven Development
- Knowledge in JS MVC framework (ie: AngularJS, React, Node.js).
- Knowledge in: Meteor, CoreOS, bash, JSON, XML, NoSQL.JSON/REST API Web Services is desirable
- Git, GitLabs.

We’re always keen to hear from driven and talented people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Click on the "Want To Visit" button to connect with us if you believe you have what it takes!

  • Level 12, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • WANTED! Dynamic Web Developer Passionate About Startups & Tech Industries