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About Me

I have worked in 4 companies so far. The first one was a charity organization that helped me to brush up my sales and training skills. During my 3 years there I managed a team of 12 people and trained them to pitch people to donate for Save The Children. I also led by example and was the record holder of getting the most donations of donors willing to commit for an ongoing donation for 2 years time. During these 3 years, I also gained enough management experience to go for my MBA degree.

For my second job I joined Hilti, a multi national company from Litchenstein that sold construction tools and related products. I was assigned to join the engineering team and I was the first person who was asked to join without an engineering background. The main reason was they wanted me to start a team called technical marketing, which composed mainly of 4 people and we helped to convert the general marketing materials into marketing materials that Architects and Structural Engineer can digest. The traditional materials mainly composed of product outlooks and specifications, but specifiers are more interested in information such as how can the products comply with the law and how to specify them on their drawings. I am grateful during my time there I was sent to Europe countless time for training.

Afterwards I joined Google. Despite loving Hilti, Google was an offer that I couldn't turn down. In Hilti I mainly focused on print marketing and organizing events - both online and offline. However in Google I was introduced to the digital marketing world. I joined the Large Customer Sales (LCS) team and was delegated to take care of 10 of the largest branding clients in Hong Kong out of a total of 30 clients with my manager, as there were 3 teams. I enjoyed taking care of the clients and helping them to meet their KPIs. Helping them to target their potential customers and sharing with them the latest formats that they can use to maximize their money invested into each campaign. From time to time we also organized seminars for them to let them know about market trends and how are they doing compared with their customers.

After working in Google for 2 years, my manager and I had a very fruitful conversation. She told me at that time Google didn't have plans to create one more account manager position for our team in the short term, therefore for the next year I should be expecting to complete the same tasks as the previous 2 years. She suggested I can try to go out and explore more of the digital marketing world, as there are a lot of opportunities out there. Therefore I joined X Social, as I know they were doing very well taking care of Danone, one of our clients at that moment.

During my 3 years stay at X Social, I was given an opportunity to take care of Danone , where I took care of Nutricia - a sub brand that helped mums by assigning nurses to answer to their questions. I was able to help them to hit their yearly KPI in 8 months time. I also had an opportunity to help X Social to build their own DMP and helped to build an ig account for their on offline beauty platform called MBeaute.

For my next career move, I am looking forward to work in an in-house marketing team where I can be more involved with the decision making as agencies normally only help with the execution stage. I believe I have the knowledge to make decisions in what ads to adopt given the different stages the company is at such as branding stage, conversion stage etc.

I also have experience working on IG accounts, as I used 4 years to grow my instagram to 17000 followers. Throughout the years I was able to build this hobby of mine's into business opportunities and I was able to make a lot of new connections. Such as Wynn Macau, Daniel Wellington, Peninsula Hotel, Macau Tourism Board etc. I believe I can be an asset to my next venture.