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What makes a virtual youtuber/youtuber successful. (From the eyes of a viewer)

As an avid fan of creative content, I have watched tons of videos that sometimes are considered weird or incomprehensible. Sometimes, I will forward such videos to my close friends in hopes that they will understand the context of those videos.

Turns out none of them did.

However, according to the video's ratings. It has thousands of likes and over millions of views.

Why is it so? How can those types of videos gain views and fans successfully?

Well then maybe I can share my personal opinion on what makes a certain content creator good at their work.

1.Personality and originality.

As an entertainer, youtubers will need to be able to entertain people through their videos. Of course anyone can be a youtuber but to be great at it, It needs the soul.

Western content usually has a wide spectrum of success but usually they never fail to impress and has an original flair to it.

They like to utilize memes, copypastas, new-age humour and weird/humourous commentaries. Most of the time they act on their natural personality as an entertainer as well. Because of this the flow of the content is more genuine and sincere.

These are very special types of content creators. As far as I've seen, these people are innovators that push genres to new heights. Such examples are Pewdiepie with his innovative meme reviews segment and sparking a proxy war from his subcribers against a more popular channel. (Pewdiepie vs T-series)

Other than that, most are capable of detecting new trends, such as the recent Fall Guys gaming trend. To be successful is to be able to detect what is entertaining to the viewers and work around it.

As for V-tubers, They are very successful at making original content, to the point that they are trend makers. However, there are more things that we can all learn to make the v-tubers even more entertaining.

3.Talents And Skill Showcase.

It is very apparent that the internet is full of enthusiastic and passionate nerds. We yearn to learn something new everyday. Because of this, talents and skillful examples are deeply respected in the online community. Such examples are, Abilities to play music, amazing gameplays, guides and tutorials or even technological reviews.

These set of skills are considered useful and informative, which makes viewers keep coming back. I also believe that viewers are inspired by talents and skills that they want to push themselves to be able to gain those talents and skills too.

Regardless, any sort of skill is very respected and will garner more views to yourself as a youtuber or v-tuber.

All in all.

Overall, these are just my personal views that may or may not help youtubers to gain more views.

Because creating content is a gruelling process that challenges creativity and innovation. However, never give up on your dreams and ideas. Be consistent and one day, people will notice.